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017 Corroborative News Report that questions the unscientific nature of Homoeopathy. Dr. Venkata Raman Ramakrishnan 2015 President of Royal Society, and Business Standard News Report.

I am sad that I am writing this particular blog post very late. But, we have the proverb,"Better late, than never". Here is a News report dated 23rd January 2016, at Click here to go to, citing a speech by Shri Venkataraman Ramakrishnan, 2015 President of Royal Society, and a Nobel Laurate. He was delivering a lecture titled “On Nobody’s Word: Evidence and Modern Science” at Panjab University in Chandigarh. Business Standard News Report not only quoted Mr. Ramakrishnan's speech, but also made some contacts with the Stakeholders such as Ayush. The Business Standard Report is quite Informative. It is necessary to review it sentence by sentence, so that Indians benefit from an awareness of the Fact that Homoeo Medical System is unscientific, and is better avoidable. My very first post No. 001 at this blog on 5th October 2007 has explained in depth the unscientific nature of homoeopathy. Click here to go to my first post .
Quote from Articlecomments of ybrao a donkey, not intended to be imposed on others
Two weeks ago, Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan reportedly dismissed homoeopathy --along with astrology --as being `harmful and bogus`. Though he is right, I wish that he used a softer and less derogatory language. Reason: Sometimes, even science and modern medicine can go wrong.
Ramakrishnan, an Indian-born American and British structural biologist, was delivering a lecture titled `On Nobody’s Word: Evidence and Modern Science` at Panjab University in Chandigarh. Govt. of India can arrange similar lectures by him at other places.
Hindustan Times quoted him as saying: `No one in chemistry believes in homoeopathy. It works on placebo effect.`The 100 million Indians who use homoeopathy do not know the meaning of `placebo effect`. They need to be enlightened.
In his dismissal of the 200-year-old system of medicine, Ramakrishnan questioned a belief system that has a huge following not only in India but across the world. Indian Scientists in Indian Organisations such as CSIR, Indian Science Congress should also start questioning.
According to a report in Business Standard, globally, more than 600 million people use homoeopathy; of this, about 100 million are Indians. India ranks third in Porno viewing on Net. How can it lag behind in using unscientific medical systems?
In India alone, there are more than 200,000 practitioners of homoeopathy. It is their livelihood. We cannot blame them. If they are taught some other skills such as Allopathic medical practice, they can be weaned away from unscientific medical systems.
The AYUSH (ayurveda, yoga, unani, siddha, homoeopathy) ministry, established in 2014, has a dedicated body for research in homoeopathy. What they have researched? They ought to start at least now, whether homoeopathic medicines really contain `minimum quantities` of medical substances their labels contain.
Given the high cost of allopathic treatment and the side effects that accompany evidence-based modern medicine, Indians often turn to the scientifically unproven, though mild and relatively inexpensive, homoeopathic treatment that claims to `treat` conditions, ranging from respiratory problems to mental health conditions.Modern Allopathic Medical System is also responsible for this state of affairs. Allopathic Medical Practitioners and Hospitals fleece the Patients, like leaches.
The ‘science’ behind it:-- Developed in the late 18th century by German doctor Samuel Hahnemann, homoeopathy is based on two principles, both of which bear little scientific evidence. True. This lack of scientific evidence is to be publicised.
One, homoeopathic practitioners believe that `like cures like`, which simply means that a substance that could cause certain symptoms in a healthy person could, in minute doses, relieve the same symptoms in a sick person. No proof.
For instance, peeling an onion triggers runny nose and watery eyes --symptoms that are often found in a person suffering from common cold. Homoeopaths claim that such symptoms could be treated by Allium cepa, a medicine prepared from red onions.That homoeo medicine Allium cepa contains only alcohol and sugar pills.
The second principle on which homoeopathy works involves diluting a substance --plant, animal material or chemical --rigorously in water or alcohol, so much so that only some or no traces of the actual substance remain. If some medical substance is to be treated as `medicine`, the minimum quantity required by human body for cure, is to be defined in 'milligrams'. Even if we hold that `like cures like` is correct, that `like` should be taken at least in the minimum stipulated quantity of weight.
Homoeopathic practitioners, however, believe that the more a substance is diluted, the greater is its power to treat the symptoms.Govt./NGOs have to enlighten the Homoeo practitioners.
Is it effective? :-- `Homoeopaths take arsenic compounds and dilute it to such an extent that just a molecule is left. It will not have any effect on you. Your tap water has more arsenic,` Ramakrishnan was quoted as saying. And there is scientific evidence to back his views. Even those molecules may not be left in the homoeo bottle, because a few drops of diluted tinctures are sprinkled on sugar pills which may or, may not absorb the molecule.
In 2015, in one of the most extensive studies on homoeopathy to date, the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia reviewed more than 170 research papers on the alternative system of medicine to conclude that there is no reliable evidence that homoeopathy is effective for treating health conditions. This should be publicised both among patients and practitioners.
A 2005 Lancet study found that `the clinical effects of homoeopathy are placebo effects`.This needs to be publicised.
Critics often question a basic principle underlying homoeopathy called `water memory`, or the supposed ability of water to remember the shape of the substance it contained, even though none of the molecules may have been left after multiple dilutions. No proof of any such `water memory`.
A 2010 report on homoeopathy by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee said: `We consider the notion that ultra-dilutions can maintain an imprint of substances previously dissolved in them to be scientifically implausible.`This is to be publicised regularly.
However, homoeopaths believe that the focus on `water memory` is overblown.--
`All homoeopathy is not non-molecular,` says Raj Kumar Manchanda, director-general at the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, an autonomous organisation under the AYUSH ministry. Even if all the Homoeopathy is not non-molecular, Ayush has to define minimum quantity in milligrams of medical substances to be present in homoeo pills/tinctures.
`It is only when, in certain cases, low potencies are not effective that you might have to go for higher potencies. Low potencies may not work when they do not contain minimum `milligrams`.
So, seventy to eighty per cent of combinations are as molecular as any other allopathic or ayurvedic or traditional drug. It is only twenty to twenty five per cent that are non-molecular.`1x (1/10 dilution), 2x (1/100 dilution), 3x (1/1000) dilution may probably contain some medical substance. For this reason only, Dr. Schuschler who in his Biochemic Remedies preferred 1-2-3x low potencies seems to have succeeded at least partly.
Manchanda --as do others who swear by homoeopathy --cites a study by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay that found that homoeopathic medicines do contain medicinal molecules in nano sizes even after high dilutions.This Study seems to have taken at the instance of some Homoeo practitioner / Homoeo Pharma Company. More studies will be needed. Besides, number of samples tested is also to be taken into consideration.
However, there is little research to suggest whether the medicines really work.And, this Research should be independent, so as to be, unbiased.
B Dinesh Kumar, president of the Indian Pharmacological Society.: `Claiming that homoeopathy is therapeutic without research is not right. There is a need for validation of homoeopathy as a system of medicine.`Correct.
Limitations:-- Manchanda says that homoeopathy works well in most sub-acute and chronic cases. However, he advises against the use of homoeopathic medicines in acute and life-threatening conditions. In non-life-threatening ailments, body's immunity system itself will fight out the ailment. Homoeo pills will not even be catalysts. However, there may be faith-cure (placebo) when patients take homo
Since homoeopathic remedies are believed to stimulate the body’s immune system so that the body heals on its own, in acute cases `the body’s immune mechanism sometimes doesn’t have enough time to react,` says Manchanda.Same is the case when a person gets a talisman, or when he-she does not take any medicine at all. A person who does not take any medicine, may die, if his-her body is unable to `wait` till the immunity system is activated.
He even recommends the use of allopathic medicine when the `infection is severe` and following it up with homoeopathy in the long run, since it has no known side-effects.Patients may have to follow the minimum-maximum dose, period of allopathic medication, before shifting to homeo which is equal to-- not taking any medicine at all.
It is not that homeopathy is without risks, though. Homoeo can be without risks, when the homoeo medicines contain no medical substances at all in such minimum quantities which may produce side effects. Once a homeo-friend challenged me to consume one dram bottle of homeo medicine `glonoine` and frightened me that I shall get great itching, and that my skin will be full of acne/warts, and that I need to take glonoine again to get rid off the itching and the acne. I consumed 2dram glonoine pills, and nothing happened.
In 2009, the US Food and Drug Administration ordered that Zicam, a homeopathic cold remedy, be pulled off the shelves after it found that, in 130 cases, people had reported losing their sense of smell.Some homoeo pharma companies seem to add medicines in larger quantities (i.e. non-homoeo-quantities).
According to Manchanda, however, homoeopathic medicines are incapable of causing any damage. Because they contain nothing, except alcohol and sugar.
`It is possible that after giving homoeopathic medicine you may not improve, but it is not possible that it will cause any harm,` he adds. Because homoeo medicines contain nothing but alcohol and sugar. Even talismans do not have side effects.

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016 Hon. Prime MInister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is performing kayakalpa cikitsa to India, with the help of Ambanis

Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, seems to be performing 'kAyakalpa cikitsa' (A treatment of total cleansing up of body, the phrase a part of Traditional Indian Medicine 'Ayurveda' (Life Science). For this, he seems to need the help of Shri Mukesh Ambani and his honoured spouse Smt. Nitu Ambani. In Oct. 2014, he inaugurated in a 19 storied building in South Mumbai, on the invitation of Shri Mukesh Ambani. The inauguration speech, and its news can be found at the webpage of Prime Minister of India. Link:-- Click here to go to

In June 2014, in our blog post No. 015

we requested our Hon. Prime Minister, to initiate an inquiry to ascertain whether Homoeopathic Medical System is Scientific or Not. At that time, we wrote:
"...I appeal to Mr. Narendra Modi to appoint a Commission of Enquiry to go into the scientific validity of the homoeopathy as a system of medicine. This is very important because homoeopathic medicines do not contain the medical substances which their labels indicate, owing to excess dilution made under a mistaken impression of creating potencies. The Union Government and the 29 State Governments are spending millions of Rupees for running Homoeo hospitals, clincs, Colleges, Universities and the so-called Research Stations. ..."

In Oct. 2014, we see this 19 storied building of Ambanis, and a Homoeo Hospital in it. The Comment made by Hon. Prime Minister, in his inauguration speech is very important.
PM: Just as this hospital has undergone kayakalp (renewal), India too can undergo kayakalp. (renewal).

This Quote is with thanks from the

We must know the Scale of charges in this Hospital: This information can be seen at : Click here to go to
Room Tariff Schedule

Room Type Room Tariff ICU Tariff Facilities

Economy ` 1,400/- per day ` 4,700/- per day Economy rooms have been designed to accommodate 4 & 5 patients in a room. Each room has:

Economy Plus ` 2,200/- per day ` 5,700/- per day Economy rooms have been designed to accommodate only 3 patients in a room. Each room has:

Twin Sharing ` 3,200/- per day ` 7,750/- per day Twin sharing rooms with provision for:

Deluxe ` 8,000/- per day ` 14,750/- per day Deluxe rooms are self-contained single room with:

Junior-Suite ` 11,000/- per day ` 19,500/- per day Junior-Suite rooms are large single room suite

Grand-Suite ` 15,000/- per day ` 25,250/- per day In Grand-Suite rooms the patient & relative will be provided with extra comfort with the following facilities: Separate rooms for patient’s family Customized bed head panel Patient entertainment system 24x7 Wi fi 2-way IP based nurse call system Specialized Intensive Care Monitoring system enabled Sofa cum bed Massage chair

Now, we shall see the 'diagnostic' charges:
Diagnostics Charges
Charges for most common tests are given below. For any other diagnostic charges please call 1800221166.
Test Description 	OPD/Economy
ECG 	` 300/-
Echo with Doppler 	` 3,000/-
Portable Echo 	` 3,500/-
Stress Test 	` 2,000/-
Test Description 	OPD/Economy
X-ray chest - PA view 	` 350/-
Test Description 	OPD/Economy
Mammography (Bilateral) 	` 2,500/-
Test Description 	OPD/Economy
U.S.G. Abdomen 	` 1,200/-
U.S.G Pelvis 	` 1,000/-
Ultrasonography Kidney and Bladder(KUB) 	` 1,200/-
CT Scan
Test Description 	OPD/Economy
CT abdomen and pelvis 	` 4,700/-
CT Brain 	` 2,500/-
CT Cardiac 	` 12,000/-
Pet CT Scan
Test Description 	OPD/Economy
Whole Body PET 	` 16,500/-
Test Description 	OPD/Economy
MRI Brain 	` 7,500/-
MRI Abdomen 	` 7,500/-
MRI Whole Spine Screening 	` 3,500/-
Test Description 	OPD/Economy
BUN 	` 220/-
Complete Blood Count 	` 270/-
Creatinine 	` 240/-
Electrolytes Urine 	` 705/-
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) 	` 180/-
Fasting Blood Sugar 	` 160/-
HCV Antibody - Elisa 	` 830/-
HDL Cholesterol 	` 340/-
HIV I & II - Antibodies (Spot) 	` 605/-
Malarial Parasites 	` 180/-
Urine Potassium Spot 	` 240/-
SGOT 	` 270/-
SGPT 	` 270/-
Stool routine 	` 150/-
Triglycerides 	` 330/-
Urine routine 	` 140/-
Lipid Profile (Maxi) 	` 1,670/-
Liver profile 	` 1,460/-
Renal Profile 	` 1,360/-

Emergency charges @ 1.5 times will be charged for diagnostic services performed on Sundays/ Public Holidays/ between 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. Charges for all diagnostic services will vary according to room type.

ybrao-a-donkey's personal views not intended to be imposed on others

Now, it is very clear for whom this Reliance Trust Hospital is intended. It is not clear what concessions the Government of India, Government of Maharashtra, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, and others are extending to this Great Great Hospital.

No poor person, can obviously enter this 19 floored Charity Hospital. Hail Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

A Comment from "" is worth noting.

Link to the above: .
(1925), presently Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital And Research Centre (2014), New Queen’s Road.

Sir Harkisondas Narotumdas is cross. He cannot fathom how some newbie knight called Sir H. N. Reliance could colonise his 89 year old medical establishment at New Queen’s Road.

Sir Harkisondas has dispatched a letter to Her Majesty for the immediate resolution of this grievous injustice.

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015 Mr. Narendra Modi may please order an enquiry into scientific validity of homoeopathy

Topics for discussion: 015, Scientific validity, Narendra Modi

A 2012 quote from the website of Shri Narendra Modi, our 2014 Prime Minister:
Link to go to the website of Shri Narendra Modi which contains the original. Click to go to homeopathy-conference-in-gandhinagar
CM inaugurates national homeopathy conference in Gandhinagar CM asks homeopaths to create an atmosphere of trust among people for the homeopathic treatment

Inaugurating the national homeopathy conference in Gandhinagar today Chief Minister Narendra Modi called upon homeopaths to create an atmosphere of trust among people for the homeopathic treatment.

Even as the homeopathic medicines are affordable and free from side effects, homeopaths should create awareness regarding it among the people. If the practitioners of homeopathy themselves lack the faith in homeopathy, people can not have trust on it. Success stories of homeopathy should properly be put before the people, he suggested.

There should not be a question of conflict between allopathy, ayurveda and homeopathy. All the three systems of treatment have some best things in them, he said.

ybrao-a-donkey's comments

I appeal to Mr. Narendra Modi to appoint a Commission of Enquiry to go into the scientific validity of the homoeopathy as a system of medicine. This is very important because homoeopathic medicines do not contain the medical substances which their labels indicate, owing to excess dilution made under a mistaken impression of creating potencies. The Union Government and the 29 State Governments are spending millions of Rupees for running Homoeo hospitals, clincs, Colleges, Universities and the so-called Research Stations.
No homoeopathic student/doctor/professor , unfortunately spends a little time on making an inquiry into the scientific validity of their system of medicine. Every one of them goes on supporting the potency theory.
When homoeo medicines fail to produce relief/cure, many homoeo doctors simply shift to prescribing allopathic medicines, without pondering over why they failed to produce the desired results (they do not bother to know that they are nothing but alcohol, sugar, milk sugar or some other filler, but definitely not the medical substance).